DXwand: Pioneers in AI-Powered Business Transformation

Step into the world of DXwand, the architects behind DXP – an integrative AI solutions platform that’s rewriting the rules of business operations.

Our Trailblazing Journey

Our journey started in 2018 with two innovative engineers who dared to dream big. Recognizing the limitations of existing customer support solutions, they set out to create something groundbreaking – the result was DXP.

Fast forward to today, we’ve helped over 200 satisfied clients enhance their customer experience and business growth. With an initial funding round of $1 million led by China’s Huashan Capital, we’ve solidified our position as a leading tech force in the AI industry.


Our Unshakeable Values

At DXwand, we're driven by




These core values are the lifeblood of our company and the driving force behind our mission to deliver top-tier service and game-changing results.

At DXwand, we believe in giving back. Our CSR initiatives focus on promoting education and digital literacy with the aim of fostering a passion for technology among the future generation.

Our Visionary Outlook

Imagine a world where every company, regardless of size or industry, thrives with the support of an integrative, adaptable AI solution. That’s the future we’re working towards at DXwand, making this revolutionary technology accessible for all.




Our Bold Mission

We’re not just building software; we’re creating a movement.

At DXwand, we believe in empowering businesses with advanced AI technology, bridging the digital divide, and driving growth and success at unprecedented speed.



We value data. And nothing better than numbers to tell a story, so here's ours.

2 Engineers with a dream

Upon meticulous examination of the customer support landscape, we astutely discerned a conspicuous lacuna. It became evident that there was a discernible dearth of a specialized digital assistant designed to adeptly meet the multifaceted needs of businesses across various industries. Motivated by this insight and armed with a commitment to innovation, we resolved to undertake the ambitious initiative of creating our very own digital assistant.

+4 years of innovation

When everyone was using only primitive chatbots, we worked hard to create competitive, integrated software beyond just a chatbot.

35+ passionate people

We've achieved a lot since 2018, and we know there's more on the horizon. Nothing would have happened without our dedicated team.

+200 happy clients

We have helped hundreds of companies to stand out with customer experience and improve every stage of their business growth.

Fund of $1 Million

In 2022, we raised $1 million in an initial funding round, which was led by China's Huashan Capital. And it’s just the beginning.

Global Footprint

With our global footprint in Egypt, the UAE, and the USA, we’re bringing the power of DXP to businesses around the globe. No matter where you are, our team is ready to help you redefine success with our advanced solutions.

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