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We're empowering humans with cognitive AI

At DXwand, we're building the world's best AI solutions that revolutionize human-like conversations and deal with the complex nature of any language.

No one becomes #1 overnight.

It takes years of work, focus, strategy, innovation, and the right people. Discover how the #1 Conversational AI Software was created. 

Our Story

We value data. And nothing better than numbers to tell a story, so here's ours. 

2 engineers with a dream

We spotted a gap in the customer support market. There wasn’t a digital assistant out there catering to the different needs of businesses. So, we decided to build our own.

+4 years of innovation

When everyone was using only primitive chatbots, we worked hard to create competitive, integrated software beyond just a chatbot.

+200 happy clients

We have helped hundreds of companies to stand out with customer experience and improve every stage of their business growth.

Fund of $1 Million

In 2022, we raised $1 million in an initial funding round, which was led by China's Huashan Capital. And it’s just the beginning.

35+ passionate people

We've achieved a lot since 2018, and we know there's more on the horizon. Nothing would have happened without our dedicated team.

We still innovating & growing

Wherever you are you’ll always find us providing you with the best solutions







Our mission is

To make conversational AI accessible and help every company craft the solution they need to thrive. 

Changing the game globally

Changing the game globally

We believe that by harnessing and easing sophisticated technologies, you can maximize your communication performance and deliver real, data-driven business results with the warmth and intuition of human expertise.  

That’s our vision... 

Curious about DXwand's platform, pricing, and integrations?

Contact us to get answers and learn more about us.