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Why Hire The DXwand Sales Bot?

Our sales bot is smart software that can have a conversation with your customers in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, via SMS or on a website. It never sleeps and can reply in both Arabic slang and English.

DXwand in the news...

منصة مصرية للبوت الذكي «الصوتي» خلال قمة رايز أب
Quantum CEO & our partners
Press release with MODUS Capital
Press release
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Press release
Press release
Press release
Press release
Press release

Our results

We might be a young company, but we’re always growing...

1 million

Chats with our bots in the last year


Businesses trust us

miscellaneous 61 solid


Recognized Software Vendor Partner to Microsoft


Average Return on Investments for our customers

Why choose us?

Our solution is more than a bot… it’s a cognitive CRM. That means it supports business growth by transforming customer conversations into leads, sales and more…

Business Insights

Learn from your customers. Find out what products are in demand and see if there are repeated complaints.

Growth Oriented

A salesperson that never sleeps! It helps grow businesses by selling relevant products to each and every customer.


Send targeted messages based on what your customers are talking about in the chat.

Local Arabic

No-one wants to talk to an Arabic textbook. Our bot understands Egyptian, Gulf and Lebanese slang. 

Meet DXwand

See how our Conversational AI can help boost your business.

How it works? Easy Steps...

Sign Up

Register and add products or collections you want the bot to sell

Launch Your Bot

It only takes a few clicks to publish your bot on your Facebook page, WhatsApp, SMS or website

Monitor Your Sales

Use our portal to review and deliver the orders placed through bots

Picture about the company

Who we are?

We’re passionate about technology and artificial intelligence. Our founders are all former employees of technology giants such as Vodafone and Microsoft.

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Burj AlHamam Qatar

12,000 UsersRestaurant

Chocolate Bar

13,000 UsersRestaurant

Burj AlHamam Qatar

14,000 UsersRestaurant


2,000 UsersReal estate

Are you a Shopify Merchant?

We’re on Shopify too! Skip the sign up process with one click! You can install and set up the DXwand Sales Bot App in your Shopify store in minutes.