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It all starts with a conversation

Transform the way you contact customers with one integrated digital assistant to provide human-like customer service in no time. Get an automated dashboard that keeps you connected 24/7 without tapping into every conversation. 

Trusted by world-class teams

Natural Language Understanding for Dialects

Natural Understanding for Any Spoken Dialect

There are more than 24 Arabic dialects, 250 for English and much more in each country. Our platform is "Language Agnostic" and uses deep learning to understand ANY spoken dialect. We even support "Franko Arab" and had some fun supporting "Minions Language"!

Chat with tags-4-1

Intuitive Experience

Human conversations are unpredictable and last thing you want to do is to put a dumb answering machine in front of your clients! Our platform natively handles interruptions, resolves conflicts, understands the context and much more

Chat with tags

Boost Conversion with Depth of Understanding

Our platform differentiated capability of "Entities Normalization and Attribution" helps you extract your products/services names from client questions and present relevant information to increase your clients retention and conversion. 

Business insights

Digital Assistant Business Insights

Our platform connects decision makers with their customers' voice with our REAL-TIME conversations' dashboards that our platform with its depth of understanding generates out of unstructured text and voice! 

Our Results

The most impactful digital assistants (chatbots) service in the region

+5 million

Monthly conversations with our digital assistants


Businesses trust us


of customer service workload handled by our digital assistants


Average increase on conversion and retention

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Why Choose Us?


Local Arabic

Who talks the Arabic textbook. Our digital assistants can understand Egyptian, Gulf and any spoken dialect.


Business Insights

Get connected with your customers' voice in real-time. Find out products in demand and much more.


Growth Oriented

A 24/7 sales digital assistant that never sleeps! It helps grow businesses by selling relevant products to each customer at scale



Send targeted messages to relevant audiences based on demographics platform collected during conversations

Craft Your Digital Assistant

See how our Conversational AI can help boost your business.

How it works? Easy Steps

Sign Up

Register and add products or service you want the bot to sell.

Launch Your Digital Assistant

It only takes a few clicks to publish your DA on your Facebook page,WhatsApp, Voice or website

Monitor Your Insights

Stay on top of your business effortlessly. Tap into our auto generated dashboards to know which what is working and what is not

Who we are?

We’re passionate artificial intelligence veterans. Our founders are all former employees of blue ship companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and more.

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We love to help businesses grow. Tell us what you need and
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We’re on Shopify too! Skip the sign up process with one click! You can install and set up the DXwand Sales Bot App in your Shopify store in minutes.