don't lose a lead...boost sales...with no efforts!

DXwand chats...sells...learns...and grows your business


your automatic 24/7 sales agent

Sales and Marketing Agent Plan (Launching in September 2018)
  • boost sales and leads

    DXwand Chatbot analyzes your customers in your Facebook page and targets them for offers and new sales inside Chat in Facebook Messneger, Whatsapp or any other Chat applicatio

  • automated sales chat service

    DXwand supports all chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, website, SMS and more. Automate your response to customers with rich and engaging response that builds more leads and sales.

  • sell to millions

    DXwand sales Chatbot can chat with millions of customers at same time. Boost your sales without spending any efforts!

  • personalized offers

    DXwand analyzes customer chat session to detect customer emotion and what they want or miss then targets them for the best matching product you are selling

dxwand is your 24/7 sales and marketing agent

that boosts your sales and growth with no efforts
personalized sales

Sell to each and every customer what he/she exactly looking for!

DXwand Engages with customers any where, at any time, in any language without any more efforts from you. DXwand automates your sales in chat engagement with customers on all social Apps with a personalized offers based on machine learning.

generate right leads

DXwand can suggest to you the most efficient targeted Facebook and Instagram ADs based your customers chat.

DXwand uses machine learning that identiies a link between a customer/lead chat and a product and offer it automatically DURING CHAT TIME. DXwand reports your customers and leads segments to make more efficent ADs.

optimize costs

DXwand scales with all number of customers or leads you have. It is your smart sales agent that never gets tired!

DXwand is a fully automated solution, cloud hosted and doesn't requires any technology infrastructure or any more human resources to execute it.

sales on all apps

DXwand delivers same sales and customer service experience for all Chat apps. 

You just need to set what are you selling, prices, variances and offers. DXwand will connect to all your Chat Apps and deliver the same sales and marketing chat with your customers and leads, same approach on any App!

customers segmentation

Customer profile is not just a picture and contacts. A profile is how you add value to your customer based on his/her needs.

DXwand build up a customer profile has his/her preferred products, language and any customer questions from all channels and then builds customer segments targets them with products in Chat or ADs.

look at what matters

You don't need to check each and every question  you get in Chat. save your efforts!

DXwand offers you notifications and dashboards on what matters. Get attention in customer frustrations or new leads. Gain insights on what other products or variances customers asking for and currently missing! Grow your business!