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What is DXwand Sales Bot?

The sales bot is an artificial intelligence trained software that can connect to your Facebook Page and whenever someone is chatting with this page, the bot automatically responds. It’s trained to search in your products, track orders and conducts a full sales order dialog. The bot supports Arabic and English, automatically understands your customer chat language and responds with same language.


A trained SellerThe sales bot is already trained to search in your products, track orders and conducts a full sales order dialog
Simple andpowerfulAt your finger tips with few clicks, the sales robot will be ready. It is eqquipped with AI to understand the chat intent and respond accordingly
BroadcastingWith changes in Facebook feed, it is a challenge to get your audience aware of your new products. DXwand Sales Robot can broadcast to all reachable users on Messenger with one click!
Language understandingThe robot supports both Arabic and English.It understands automatically your customer chat language and responds with same language

What can you do with a sales bot?

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Gather leads' information

Rather than using a basic web form, chatbots allow you to gather information by asking a series of questions to understand your leads' desires

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Pre-filter useful leads

If your website has a standard web form or live chat option, you’ll know the amount of human effort required when a lead comes.

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Sell and deliver!

Chatbots are the perfect way to welcome new visitors to your website, by providing a friendly greeting on their arrival.

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How it works?

Add Products

Add products or collections you want to sell either in our portal or connect your Shopify store if you have one.

Publish Your Chatbot

Very simple clicks to just choose the chat language, chat menu and sales strategy.

Monitor Your Sales

You don’t need to check the chats anymore. Use our portal to review sales orders collected by chatbot, deliver your orders, get paid and grow!


Here is a list of our fixed-price offers designed to fit every company or individual business needs

Sales Bot

$29.00per month

Automatic Sales' dialogAutomatic search in your productsFacebook Messenger OnlyProducts, Orders and chat management portal3,000 Messages per month

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Sales & Customer Service Bot

$85.00per month

Everything in Sales Bot plus:
Delivery status chat notificationsDetecting and reporting Complaints Leads detection and managementDelivery tracking & ManagementAdditional 4,000 Messages per month

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DXwand Sales Bot

DXwand Sales Bot/Chatbot is designed for SMEs and built with help of SMEs whom are selling their expertise on their Facebook pages. It is designed be extremely easy and still powerful. It is already trained to be a seller where you just activate it and enjoy your time while sales chat lasts! Numbers below talks about market traction with our products during just one year!

All you want from chatbot

  • DXwand is more than just a chatbotIt is equipped with artificial intelligence to understand your users intents and respond. Also, DXwand offers you Chatbots Portal where you can see orders, chats and change the bots strategy!
  •  Gets better every dayOur chatbots knowledge are updated everyday with corrections to any diversions might happened. Again, enjoy your time, we've got that for you!
  •  Multilingual chatbotAll our chatbots support both Arabic and English. It understands automatically your customer chat language and responds with same language
Picture about the company

Who we are?

We are a team passionate about technology and artificial intelligence. DXwand team are all former employees of technology giants such as Microsoft and Vodafone.
DXwand is proud being incubated by Ooredoo digital & beyond program.


Build chatbots that engage with your customers on Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Cortana, Skype, WhatsApp, Email, Website, Mobile App and other platforms your users are on.

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Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners

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We’re on Shopify too! Skip the signing up process with a click! You can easily Install DXwand Sales Chatbot App in
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