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dxwand Enterprise Plan
  • self service

    Build your business chat experience without any technology knowledge. DXwand offers as well an end to end business systems such as appointments, orders, resources allocation, e-services and much more

  • automated chat service

    DXwand supports all chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, website, SMS and more. Automate your response to customers with rich and engaging response that builds satisfaction.

  • robust

    DXwand is a robust platform that can serve millions of transactions without any challenge. Thanks to Microsoft Azure the robust cloud hosting we use that has 100+ data centers around the world. With such elastic service, you can grow business without worrying about infrastructure costs or time to expand. It is immediate.

  • intelligent

    DXwand analyzes customer chat session to detect customer emotion, competitors, what they love or miss and builds up to you dashboards to understand how to improve your business or notify you if something needs immediate action.

DXwand channels

DXwand evolves three digital channels

dxwand automates your customer chat experience with a consistent experience. dxwand supports all social chatting apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp...etc. 


dxwand can as well automate your voice calls with customers either on phones or VOIP calls such as building an IVR over Skype where customers can call you from any where without any roaming charges. 


dxwand connects to your social networks and can respond to customer comments automatically, detect emotions, notify if something customers frequently miss and much more!

dxwand is a digital experience Kit

that boosts your digital transformation
personalized engagement

Engage with customers where ever they are, at any time, in any language without any more resources. dxwand automates your chat engagement with customers on all social Apps with a personalized responses based on machine learning. Reach out to each and every customer the way the want.

generate right leads

DXwand is a Marketing Cloud uses machine learning that can identify a link between a customer/prospect conversation and a product or service you have, and offer it automatically DURING CHAT TIME. You can as well see analytics on customers' demands to engage proactively later. 

optimize costs

DXwand is a fully automated solution, cloud hosted and doesn't requires any technology infrastructure or any more human resources to execute it. You can transform all digital experiences, personalize engagements and generate new revenues while saving costs at same time!

consistent experience

Deliver a customer consistent experience for all channels and build a customer journey that doesn't repeat on every communication. With DXwand you can rest assured that there is no defects or human errors. Whatever you asked to be, will be on all channels. 

unified customer profile

A profile is not just a picture and contacts. A profile is how you add value to your customer based on his/her needs. Build up a unified customer profile consolidated from all conversations, from customer genuine asks, from all channels and aggregated from your systems.

informative decisions

DXwand offers a self service analytics dashboards on each and every customer if need be. Get attention in each and every reputation threat or new lead. Gain insights on what is happening on all of your customer engagement channels and build automated actions as well.