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happiPal Personal Premium

$2.00 $4.00 saving $2.00
happiPal Personal Premium

happiPal Personal Premium

$2.00 $4.00 saving $2.00

Annual subscription to happiPal Premium capabilities that includes:

  • Happiness analysis on all social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram)
  • Perceive Meter: Two consolidated views, personal and professional, from all connected social networks tells you how your personal connections or potential hiring companies are perceiving your posts. 
  • Access to happiPal Chat Bot "Digital Assistant" that will suggest you activities and networking opportunities based on your analyzed happiness. 
  • Premium Access to happiPal Mobile App, where you can track your posts happiness score, record happy moments and watch happy moments we recorded for you. 
  • Access to Premium happiness guests Live workshops. 
  • Happiness Journey Book, where happiPal will record your happiness moments from pictures, videos and posts as well as you can yourself record a place, voice, video or a note to be in your book. This book will remain forever with you even if you stopped your subscription later as your memory for happiness. 
  • Nearby Happiness Workouts from "Meetup", where happiPal will track all meetup events and other events happening around you and suggest you to attend events that makes you happier.
  • Live Videos Analysisanalyzing happiness in your emotions in Facebook live videos. 
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