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Meet Cogent

The conversational AI that converts your customers’
conversations into real business growth!

Cogent deeply understands Arabic dialects, extracts
insights from conversations and present decision makers
summary dashboards to take informative decisions.

Cogent in numbers

Increased profits by


for our customers
Expanded market
reach by


for our customers
Responds to

+5 million

messages monthly

How It’s Different

Cogent has just one objective: your growth.

Context & Relevance

Capturing the “Who”, “Why”, “What”, “Where” and “When” in every conversation ensures its responses are relevant & personalized to each individual customer and conversation thanks to COGENT's "Entities Recognition AI".

Growth Oriented

By providing relevant responses, Cogent builds trust and satisfaction with your customers. It improves retention and captures new business. Cogent also extracts business insights and present your growth KPIs & dashboards.

Consumer Slangs

Cogent the ONLY commercial product understands Arabic slangs. It speaks and understands Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Middle East Arabic and English, as well as slang in those languages.

Business Oriented

Cogent offers experiences optimized to different industries, including retail, healthcare, real estate, F&B, government and more. These experiences are optimized to deliver the highest returns and growth.

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