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If you don't want to have dxwand with all its capabilities and want to bake only a ChatBot with your custom needs, it is ok. Just pair in mind, we don't recommend that approach for your overall vision on customer experience and costs. 

Kindly check below our tailored ChatBot engagement model and fill in the below contact form. We will contact you the earliest! 


Our Delivery Methodology for ChatBOTs



First touch point with your marketing or branding team to understand the vision of the ChatBot, business outcomes, current challenges and possible priorities of the BOT. 

Optional: Connections and Integrations

If you purchased a plan with systems integrations, we will need to engage with your concerned team, possible IT team, to learn about desired integration systems and their technologies. 


Dialog and Deviations Map 

Our team based on gathered information will develop a scenarios and deviation map to show to your team what are customer engagement scenarios or dialog of the BOT, possible deviation scenarios in the dialog and supported engagement actions of the BOT. This will represent your customer journey during the conversation with the BOT. 


Model Building and Training 

We start building the agreed dialog map and train our Natural Language Processing Models to understand customers intents on what they will type in the chat. Time is a factor of the dialog complexity and number of supported languages. 


Data Driven Testing

We will test the trained BOT and its model using "data driven testing" tools that generates thousands of actual possible engagement scenarios to make sure of full coverage of the dialog and deviations map. 


Gradual Launch 

Your ChatBot is ready to launch. We will deploy it to channels you require such as Facebook, Skype, Web Chat...etc. For all deployment channels, we may require owner/admin access temporarily to deliver the channels integrations. 

We highly recommend making a gradual launch to ensure the customer experience before going broad with it. 


Adaptation "On Going"

Your ChatBot is equipped with a language modeling and machine learning platform that learns and gets better everyday with usage. The more customers uses the model, the more it adapts and learns to be more intuitive in the dialog. 



We will get back to you the earliest on the quote and timelines. 

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