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Checkout below demo gallery samples that you can build with dxwand experience portal. dxwand experience portal will enable you to build even beyond below samples without any technology knowledge.

Click on buttons below each card to try it yourself in browser chat, Facebook Messenger chat and Skype Chat.

Demo Gallery

Appointments & Resources 

This demo shows how  dxwand can easily collect and schedule customers' appointments requests in chat based on your resources  availability. 

Surveys in Chat

This demo shows how  dxwand can construct a survey in a chat experience. You can reach each individual on his/her preferred channel.

e-Services in Chat

This demo shows how  dxwand can easily start an e-Service dialog in a chat  and hence you can engage and serve your customers whenever they prefer.

Knowledge Base/FAQs

This demo shows how easily dxwand chats to answer your customers questions based on knowledge base / FAQs in a website, a document or even manually.

Drive to Store/Branch

This demo shows how dxwand can build a store/branch locator for your customers. Also, how easy you can drive them to your store with UBER integration.

Social IVR

This demo shows how dxwand can build an automated "Social IVR" that answers your customers' calls on Skype with automated text-to-speech responses. 


This demo will show how easily dxwand determines your customer emotion in chat and take actions to retain your customers and brand. 

Sell in chat

This demo shows how dwand can sell your products in chat, collect payment and capture shipment details from a map control during a chat as well.

Content Moderation

This demo shows how dxwand detects adult content on chat or on your Facebook page to protect your reputation. 

Intelligent Analytics

This demo shows how dxwand empowers you with self-service and intelligent analytics to overlook your customers' interaction, pulse, preferred topics and services. This shall empower you taking informative decisions on your business and generate more revenues. 

Experience Portal

Coming Soon: dxwand Experience Portal is your self-service tool to build all demos you have seen above and even much more in minutes with no Technology or software knowledge. It will launch in 26th May 2017 and you can pre-order now with 50% discount.