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DXwand is established to build an ecosystem that promotes three values, passionpartnership and quality

Passion is success

We have spent fifteen years working for several international technology giants and corporates. One major lesson we have learnt well, passion makes success, passion breaks through challenges and  transforms dreams to be real. 

Partnership in depth

DXwand is not a company hires employees to perform a job and get paid. We want to partner with passionate partners whom strives to enjoy their passion and see their creation changing the world into a better place.  That said, our partners once joined the group, they are partners in everything including revenues, rewards, vision, products, ideas, execution, expansion...everything. 

Quality certainly arrives

If you are passionate about what you do, enjoy it, and a partner in its success then quality is not a challenge, it comes intuitively. We aim to bring the best innovation and talent our partners can perform into products of value to our communities. 

Our Passion and Ambition 

 Our main ambition is to evolve digital experiences for our communities to help them tap into a digital transformation that delivers the utmost value they want to bring to their communities with cost effective solutions. 

First iteration: dxwand

To deliver our promise and enjoy our passion, we have spent nearly a year learning, iterating and building what digital experience executives needed. We are launching dxwand, the Digital Experience Kit that we strive to equip it with intelligence and innovation to bring in more engaging, social, intuitive and consistent digital experience to all communities we serve.

Crafting the full vision in near future

DXwand ambitions are more bold and higher that just building another company. In near future immediately when our revenues allow, we will start new subsidiaries to support youth and communities left behind.

DXwand Ventures

Non profit organization focuses on helping young entrepreneurs, or "passionneurs" to transform their passion into action. No profit share or equities  will be required rather than commitment from successful teams to fund another two teams into the program.

DXwand Academy

Non profit organization focuses on helping young students in late stages to experiment their passion as a profession and learn would they like to pursue it in future. This shall help students unlock their potential and focus their next stage studies in what really matters to their happiness. 

DXwand Hope

Non Profit organization gets 10% of DXwand annual profit to contribute on our communities happiness and hope with focus on communities left behind. Delivery will be in partnership with local institutes and agencies engaged locally to deliver with relevancy and what matters most.