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dxwand Experts Program

Unleash The Power of The Entire Community

We cannot claim being perfect, no one does. With a mission to evolve the digital experience of the technology, we need to enrich our platform and vision with the amazing ideas and experiences from all community experts. Therefore, we launch dxwand Experts Program that assembles the experts from all domains to build more relevant and innovative experiences for dxwand. 

The program has two main streams, technology and experience. If you are a technology expert, developer or software engineer, you can enrich dxwand experiences with your ideas that will be crafted into Apps for dxwand customers to buy. If you are an industry expert, you can help dxwand customers get the best experience on dxwand with your domain knowledge by assembling your knowledge into a dxwand industry pack that dxwand customers can buy. 

If you are interested to join, kindly fill in below form.

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