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dxwand... the digital experience kit

dxwand is not just a chatbot toolkit that builds for you the social and engaging chat experience without any technology knowledge. Certainly it is, though, it is built for customer experience, marketing and digital executives to get a leap on what really customers wants, what they miss and how to serve them better to grow the business. 

Kindly checkout dxwand first iteration capabilities below. Nevertheless, what is really different about dxwand is how it is built. dxwand is designed and built from the ground up after engaging with many of marketing and customer service executives during a year to learn what really matters!

engage 24/7

Without any human interaction or additional resources, dxwand will automatically engage with your customers everywhere in Chat. Your customers won't wait any more, customer asks, dxwand responds!

always on

all platforms

dxwand delivers a consistent and engaging chat experience with your customers on all channels such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, website chat, mobile apps and more.

at customer home

any language

dxwand automatically detects customers chat language and supports processing your customers chat in 100+ languages. You don't need anymore to hire people for each GEO you operate in. 

talk customer language

personalized social surveys

dxwand will enable you run surveys and campaigns in a social and chat approach on any channel based on customer preference and review results from a central dashboard. Each customer will receive survey on his/her proffered channel.

get feedback

orders and products

dxwand has products and orders module enables you to easily fulfill customer orders and memorize what customer prefers . In next order, dxwand will prompt customer first to learn if they want the usual order or need to start over!

personalized service

store locator with UBER

Just provide dxwand with a list of your stores' locations and opening hours. Whenever a customer asks about it in chat, dxwand will show it automatically on map with a way to drive customer directly to your store/branch with UBER integration.

bring customer

your store

dxwand can automatically pull your store products into the chat shopping experience with products pictures, checkout and cart buttons. dxwand supports now Shopify, eBay and Amazon. 

bring your systems


If your store doesn't provide a gateway, dxwand supports PayPal, 2checkout , stripe, QPay and many other gateways to streamline your customers' experience during chat to pay in one click.

new revenue streams 


dxwand can schedule your customers' appointments and builds for you a calendar with all details. Just enable appointments scheduler, setup your resources availability and watch magic!

impress before meet

social IVR

dxwand enables you to build a social IVR in one minute using Skype. All you need to do is to provide dxwand with text to say and options. Now, customers can still call you without any international charges when abroad! 

talk anywhere


dxwand can assess all your social networks posts, pictures, visitors' posts, private chat history for any offensive and adult content that creates risks for businesses . dxwand can notify you immediately if a content needs a review.

protect your brand


dxwand self-service dashboards empowers you with insights on customers chat history, customer pulse, interests, missed products, emotions and more to build a unified customer profile with potential growth. 

know your customer

real pulse

dxwand performs emotion evaluation on customers' genuine chat in all channels that can be a complain or a new lead. dxwand will notify you when it needs your prompt attention. 

on top of business

Knowledge base (FAQs)

You can just give dxwand a link to your FAQs pages, a PDF or a Word document has all your knowledge base. dxwand will learn it and answers customers chat with your FAQS automatically.

answer their asks

intent aware

dxwand machine learning handles complex conversations and understands customer intents. dxwand will extend to experts adding industry based templates for service intents.

more relevancy

watch list

dxwand can detect mentions to your competitors list in any chat, Skype voice call or in your social network posts. dxwand will inform relevant stakeholders you choose in configurations. 

growth mindset

CRM integration

dxwand supports pushing and pulling data from your Customer Relationship Management System to help you centralize facts. dxwand first release will support salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

single point of truth

order tracking

dxwand can enable your  customers to track their orders shipment and  delivery. dxwand has an embedded simple orders and complaints lists if you don't have a system to do so. 

deliver the value