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Never Let Go on Your Passion

If you love doing something, just don't do something else. If you have an idea to transform this passion into a value added product, it is a gift. Only you can transform it. 

We believe in DXwand that everyone is gifted with a dream, is the only person on earth can transform it into reality. That said, we don't Interfere dreams, we help on approaches and "how" to bake it with help of our ellipsis Group passionate partners. 


DXwand Ventures "Coming Soon" 

Immediately when we have enough revenues to build it, we will establish DXwand Ventures as a Non Profit organization has an ambition to help youth build and lead the world economy.

DXwand Ventures will not have any equity shares from your establishment, we will only set a commitment to you to support the program and the community for on boarding another two passionneurs to succeed. 



Program is completely free of charge. Any costs of travel or hospitality if need be is not covered by ellipsis Group and needs to be personally financed. 


Join now

Until we operate it, you have the chance below to enroll and we already will enjoy quite some time together to agree first on our first wave of passionneurs. 


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