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Your customer is your business

You can evolve customers digital experience into a consistent and engaging experience with dxwand. Engage with your customers whatever the way they like and build more informative decisions.

 You can try our capabilities on Live Demo gallery below. dxwand on-boarding experience will enable you to perform below without any technology knowledge, no complications and no additional human resources needed


This ChatBot will check the chat text sentiment.

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This ChatBot will moderate content, try to say something appropriate or not appropriate at all. You can upload pictures that are not appropriate as well to test it.

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This ChatBot makes order fulfillment with previously loaded collection of products.

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This ChatBot will answer customer questions based on a knowledge base on this link


This ChatBot will show your store address in a Map


This ChatBot understands your intent based on language training.


This ChatBot convert your speech to text and understand your intent

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This ChatBot will perform a chat based survey. 


This Calling bot is your 24/7 IVR on Skype.



This is interactive dashboard sample.