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The conversational AI bot that captures your patients interest and builds brand loyalty!
Nameesa offers triage and GP provisional diagnosis services to your patients sharing their symptoms in both Arabic slangs and English languages. Your patients will get 24/7 value while you gain insights on how to serve them better.

Nameesa in Numbers


+75,000Egyptian Slang conversations

Followed by

50,000in Facebook

Winner in

Global COVID-19 Hackathon

How It’s Different

Personalized & Relevant

Capturing the “Who”, “Why”, “What”, “Where” and “When” in every conversation ensures its responses are relevant & personalized to each individual customer and conversation thanks to our "Entities Recognition AI". 


Growth Oriented

By capturing & extracting business insights from conversations and present your growth KPIs & dashboards, you will design more relevant services and offers to your patients (e.g. offers for chronic conditions)


Consumer Slangs

Nameesa the ONLY healthcare commercial product understands Arabic slangs. It speaks and understands Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Middle East Arabic and English.


Business Oriented

Nameesa offers a relevant experience for your patients to book a relevant specialty consultation based on provisional diagnosis results


Nameesa in the media...

منصة مصرية للبوت الذكي «الصوتي» خلال قمة رايز أب
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Quantum CEO & our partners
Quantum CEO & our partners
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