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A virtual assistant works relentlessly for each citizen

Better communication leads to a more engaged and involved public. Now you can handle a massive influx of questions from the public and serve more people quicker with fewer resources to dramatically improve communication. 

Government Services

Government Services

The information requests for the government agencies such as tax filing, legislative, judicial, etc. often involve a lot of manual, laborious, and repetitive tasks for people and the government workforce too. 

No more long waits and moving around the government agencies to get the information. DXwand virtual assistant helps you: 

  • Tax information such as tax filing forms, tax identification numbers, deadlines, etc. 
  • Public information such as upcoming construction plans or public offices’ operating hours. 
  • Events information such as upcoming festivals, flea markets, etc. 
  • Public health information and measures. 
  • Immigration-related issues and information. 
  • Transit information and timetables. 
  • Business permits inquiries. 
  • Agriculture-related info to guide farmers on having the best yields.
Judiciary Sector

Judiciary Sector

Improve efficiency, redefine engagement, expand access to justice, and reduce costs associated with administrative overhead for various justice stakeholders. 

DXwand digital assistants optimize interrogations’ time from days to minutes empowering justice with our Speech-to-Text models and technologies that support the Arabic language. 

Museums’ Signage

Museums’ Signage

Help museum visitors search and find items easily using their own natural language.

DXwand's digital assistants offer an “in-venue” experience over signage devices to adapt to the particular preferences of the museum visitors, whether they are historical or cultural, and to make visiting more fun and educational. 

You can also provide an extended visitor experience and offer an out-of-hours inquiry service about opening hours, special exhibitions, additional information on exhibits, and so on. 

Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Mining

Every day we generate data rapidly across multiple systems in different formats (PDFs, images, audio, spreadsheets, etc.).

Most of this data is unstructured and while organizations recognize the value of this data, they have a hard time exploring, understanding, and organizing it. 

Transform documents into cognitive search with natural language understanding, generate well-structured data, and leverage from every single word in your conversations with the audience. 

See how you can use DXwand to craft VIP experiences for every single person who interacts with you.