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Just a spot on some differentiated capabilities we have and how it will boost your business growth!

NLP for Any Dialect

Natural Language Understanding for Dialects

There are more than 24 Arabic dialects, 250 for English and much more in each country. Our platform is "Language Agnostic" and uses deep learning to understand ANY spoken dialect. We even support "Franko Arab" and had some fun supporting "Minions Language"!

Intuitive Experience

Intuitive Experience

Human conversations are unpredictable and last thing you want to do is to put a dumb answering machine in front of your clients! Our platform natively handles interruptions, resolves conflicts, understands the context and much more

Boost Conversion with Depth of Understanding

Boost Conversion with Depth of Understanding

Our platform differentiated capability of "Entities Normalization and Attribution" helps you extract your products/services names from client questions and present relevant information to increase your clients retention and conversion. 

Digital Assistant Business Insights

Digital Assistant Business Insights

Our platform connects decision makers with their customers' voice with our REAL-TIME conversations' dashboards that our platform with its depth of understanding generates out of unstructured text and voice! 

Get Customers to Right Place Instantly

Get Customers to The Right Place Instantly

Our Entities Recognition is pre-trained on identifying locations and can get your customers into the right place with its depth of understanding


Know When They Need You More with Heatmap

Our heatmap dashboards helps you know when your customers needs the most in several formats such as time of day, day of week and day of month


Get a free fully working demo for scenarios of your choice to help you visualize value you will acquire, done with passion by our success experts.