Ask Nameesa about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ask Nameesa About Coronavirus

Supporting the communities we live in and having a positive impact on society is in our DNA and our primary goal. 
Following the recent escalations in COVID-19, we have gathered a host of official information from credible sources and launched "Nameesa*", a free service for our community. 
Nameesa* is a Conversational AI Persona that has been trained with all the available Coronavirus knowledge and can answer any related question you have in your native slang. 

*Nameesa's information, responses and knowledgebase are provided "As-is" from its sources. We have made sure to provide a professional and neutral service that presents the facts that are available only from credible sources such as WHO. Nameesa and its related artifacts such as its Facebook page or any other identity DOES NOT represent any official, medical or governmental institute. Nameesa’s responses DO NOT constitute medical advice and are for information purposes only. Your personal or medical records shared during conversations are not used for any commercial purposes.