The Conversational AI Bot that converts your customers' conversations into real business growth results! 
Cogent is our latest release of bots that are context aware, it learns "Who", "Why", "What", "Where" and "When" for every conversation to answer your customers perfectly!

Why Different?

Cogent is a context aware, business growth oriented Bot that has only one objective, "your growth"! 

Context & Relevance

Cogent captures for every conversation "Who", "Why", "What", "Where" and "When" so its responses are relevant to THIS customer on THIS conversation.

Growth Oriented

As being context aware and relevant to customers, Cogent builds trust and satisfaction that increases your retention as well as new business. Cogent also tracks your growth KPIs.

Consumer Slangs

Cogent understands and talks slangs and languages your customer talks such as Egyptian Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Middle east Arabic and certainly English and much more!

Business Oriented

Cogent offer industry oriented ready made experiences that are optimized for highest return and growth in each industry such as retail, real e-State, F&B, government and much more! 

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