Automate Field Work Effortlessly!

No need to train your blue collar / field staff on new technology. No need for your supervisors to spend hours manually sending out tasks and manually updating systems. 
With our conversational AI technology, your blue collar / field staff can continue to engage on the apps they already use, such as WhatsApp, but our technology will track and automate the allocation of their tasks and seamlessly integrate this with your systems.

Why to Choose This Solution?

Staff engagement and tasks automation technology on apps your staff already use. No more ADOPTION NIGHTMARES

Easy to Use

Solution is based on apps your staff already know and use like WhatsApp

Save adoption costs, time & efforts

Anytime Any Where

Solution is available to your staff anytime, any where from any device

No more integration and VPN nightmares


Their Own Language

Your staff can talk naturally with the system with their own language of +14 language & 4 Arabic slangs we support

Intuitive solution increases your ROI

Cost Effective

No more expensive licenses for masses on your CRM or ERP systems

Solution subscription is a fraction of any CRM costs for your field staff

Advanced Analytics

Solution engages your field staff and exposes their perspectives

Get insights about your mass field staff effortlessly

Employee Self Services

Your field staff to perform their employee self-service like vacations

Save costs of employee self services licensing for your mass field staff

More Efficiency

Your supervisors can track and manage staff tasks from a single dashboard

Make supervisors more productive and avoid manual follow ups & calls

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Connected Experience

Solution integrates with your CRM/ERP systems & automatically updates tasks/cases 

Effortlessly, get a single point of truth for each customer task or request. Get automated customer notifications from field actual status

Estimated Pricing

Pricing below is a guideline only, taxes and other expenses may apply. To get a binding quote, click on "Get a Quote" buttonVery competitive pricing for high volumes


Was $3


per user per month

250 to 500 users


Unlimited Messages

Tasks management & reports


was $2.5


per user per month

Up to 1,000 users

WhatsApp , Teams & Slack

Unlimited Messages + Proactive Messaging

Tasks management & advanced reports


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More than 1,000

All social & enterprise networks

Unlimited Messages + Proactive Messaging

Tasks management & advanced reportsInsights AI extraction