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Chat with Customers to Know Better

Chat with Customers to Know Better

You may have a website and a mobile App for your business. That is important and essential specially if you are running an online business. It is just not enough to know your customer! 


Do You Know Your Customer ?

You may know customer name, email or even a picture he/she will provide in your site but a dialog gives much more depth in knowledge that a website clicks or frequent used services would not tell. A chat dialog with your customer can tell you really who is your customer. A chat dialog can tell you what your customers prefer, are they happy with your service, what they miss in your services and much more!

Just imagine how a website or a mobile App can tell you which color your customer cannot find in your products or if the have a dissatisfaction with your services. a chat dialog can only tell that and helps you improve your services based on a genuine informative decisions. 


Get Genuine Insights with dxwand

We have designed dxwand to be customer first. dxwand gathers all learning automatically during a chat with your customers. Just imagine as a customer if you started to message a page on Facebook and it automatically replies back in your native language whatever the page main language is!

dxwand captures customers chat language and automatically translate your predefined messages into it, it captures emotions during the chat and can notify your staff if something needs attention and it gathers topics of customer interests to relate with your services or products.

dxwand can build up an warm and engaging discussion with your customers without hiring an army. All automated and operating 24/7. 

Also, you will get a self-service analytics with dxwand that can tell you each customer story, interests, frustrations, language, proffered communication channel and much more. This shall help you shape your business to serve your community better and grow. 


More Info

If you would like to know more about dxwand, kindly check "dxwand" section in this website.